The Book of Mormon IS true. This message is for the Believers – especially those who are of Native American blood and others of the House of Israel. YOUR TIME IS NOW. If you love the Book of Mormon and the Bible as I do, please read on.

Leaders in the early restoration made doctrinal changes that caused controversy and shame that remain today. Now is the time to return to the ORIGINAL TRUTH of the Book of Mormon - truth that has been hidden from you. Seventeen years of study answers "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHURCH?"

Let me begin by stating my belief and what I know is true: The Book of Mormon IS TRUE and the power and right of inheritance of America for the Indians is about to be fulfilled. The fulfillment of the prophecies in the Book of Mormon will be upon all nations who have the Book of Mormon for the deliverance of the tribes of Israel and those who are numbered among them. About 75% of the prophecies of that book have already been fulfilled exactly as were foretold; so who can say the rest will not be fulfilled exactly, also? If you have studied it, and believe the words in it, you know I’ve said the truth!

What I am concerned about right now is, how can we best act so as to be on the right side when the separation is truly underway? (And it is beginning now!) Remember: that the same Book of Mormon that tells you WHAT WILL HAPPEN will also tell you HOW TO PREPARE!

Now, I do have to tell you SOME THINGS YOU AREN’T AWARE OF, THINGS YOU WEREN’T TOLD, and THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN HIDDEN FROM YOU. But first let me give you a little background.

I first read the Book of Mormon in 1959. Immediately after finishing it (it took me two days) I was confronted by a protestant minister who said it was a G__D___ book of the Devil’s. I stood firmly for that book and was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, and as I raised my hand and pointed at him, my tongue swelled, and words were pushed out with power. A powerful force grabbed that man and shook him, immobilized him so he could not utter the smallest sound (though his mouth moved), fear covered his face, his eyes bulged with fright, and his arms and legs flopped like a rag doll. (This, my friends, is a TRUE example of the gift of tongues and the power of the Holy Ghost!)

When the words were finished, and the power departed, my arm lowered. He became "disconnected" from the power that held him and shook him, and stumbled backwards and fell into an open coat closet where coats and hats fell on him. He got up sobbing and begging forgiveness for saying those things – "I was taught to say in the seminary about the Book of Mormon". He immediately ran out the home of his members (who were totally astonished and speechless!) without his coat on in subzero weather in International Falls, Minnesota. I swear before God who is Jesus Christ that this testimony is true.

I remained loyal to the Book of Mormon, but basically was a follower of the traditions of the Restoration and the Doctrine and Covenants. As a teacher and preacher of the Doctrine and Covenants in Independence, Missouri, I have taught thousands of people (in classes of hundreds, and to the listeners of perhaps 20,000 tapes of those classes). However, in 1984, another marvelous experience with the Holy Ghost opened my spiritual eyes to the essentiality of putting the Book of Mormon as NUMBER ONE in understanding the love of Jesus Christ, what He has in store for America, the role of the Indians and those who will assist them! GOD SHALL NOT FORSAKE HIS COVENANT PEOPLE! HE IS A GOD OF TRUTH, AND CANNOT LIE!

While building a small bridge on my property about 10 miles east of Independence, I was contemplating some of the struggles going on in the Restoration, and wondering what was going to happen to the church. The Spirit of the Lord settled on me, and in an audible voice said:



When the voice stopped, I was impressed that millions could hold up the Book of Mormon and say it was true, but almost none of them knew what it said! I was astonished. God had just told me that the book that I had had such a marvelous testimony of 25 years before, and had pretty much set aside in favor of restoration traditions and the Doctrine and Covenants, would be the standard used for the great separation!

After reading the Book of Mormon again (about six times!) from cover to cover and wondering over and over – Why the Book of Mormon doctrine was so much different than we had been taught, I would ask – "where did we ever get this? - - or that? - - and finally, What Happened to the Church?"

From that moment until now (17 years), I’ve spent thousands of hours searching the Book of Mormon, Bible, Book of Commandments, Doctrine and Covenants, Histories, related books (including anti-Book of Mormon material), etc. As I continued my studies, materials kept coming across my desk - and answers!

If you’ve struggled with your feelings that "something isn’t right", or churches in the Restoration (LDS, RLDS, Temple Lot, Restoration groups, etc.) are not fulfilling their purpose, and there’s a lack of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit, and there is dissension and bickering, there IS HOPE, there ARE ANSWERS, and there ARE BLESSINGS AHEAD!

At the turn of this millenium, a friend who does professional audio-video work, came to me and stated it was now time to put all of my research on DVDs so anyone no matter how isolated or what status with the leadership, men or women, whether in a group or alone, could see the truth for themselves without having it "filtered" or "laundered" by any level of hierarchy. So clear that no one else will have to interpret or explain.

Consequently, we’ve compiled 14 video sessions (about 17 hours of detailed viewing) that cover the whole big picture of the Restoration. It is broad, deep intense, and extremely detailed (documentation and scriptural references are clearly shown on the video, so the proofs cannot be denied!).

You’ll be amazed at the documented TRUE HISTORY between September 1827 and 1844, the original 14 revelations given through the sacred instrument (before they were altered), and what the name of the church is commanded to be. Also, the ONE and ONLY priesthood, the three offices, when the authority of the church was really restored (and who did it!), GOD’S WILL to establish the church according to the pattern taught by the disciples in the Book of Mormon, (later deleted) and the commandment to rely on the Book of Mormon for ALL things concerning the church (not just the foundation of!), the Gospel and the Rock; the detailed Plan of Salvation; the real role of the Gentiles, and the absolute importance of the Indians in Christ’s plan for America, including the importance of the Choice Seer, who is yet to come forth from the Native Americans (he’s not who you think!). Why all the living witnesses (except the Smiths) of the gold plates and the Book of Mormon left the church (including the original historian), when the history of the church was changed, and the secret organization that infiltrated the restoration (and even churches against the Book of Mormon!) and this nation as prophesied in the Book of Mormon!

You will be able to examine these truths and compare them – audibly and visually – to many, many false doctrines that are contrary to the Book of Mormon and the Bible: incorporating Christ’s church, changing the original revelations and adding false revelations, Officially placing the Book of Mormon in second place, two personages in the Godhead, two priesthood's, extra offices (including the false prophecy from the first High Priest ordained), why the prophecy of Enoch isn’t in the Book of Mormon, the glories, a physical temple, a premature gathering, changing the history of the church, etc. : 32 major errors since April 6, 1830 (supposedly when the Restoration began). Would God allow even ONE OF THESE to be in his perfect, simple, plain-to-our-understanding gospel? NO!

These false doctrines and errors by early leaders have provided the fuel for the scathing exposés of disgruntled dissidents. If these dissidents had studied the Book of Mormon, and had prayed for, and received the witness of the Holy Ghost, they would know the Book of Mormon IS TRUE historically, scripturally, prophetically, doctrinally, and culturally! Christ DOES give the witness of the Holy Ghost to everyone who studies it with an open mind and sincerely asks him, having faith in Christ. But remember this: God is not forgiving to those who receive a testimony of the witness of the Holy Ghost and then deny that testimony or the book!!

You will find these sessions are excellent for not only understanding WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHURCH, and that the Book of Mormon is true (and it indeed has a beautiful simple gospel – one that we can live and enjoy), but it’s Plan of Salvation is absolutely clear in detail. A tremendous teaching tool!

The Plan of Salvation that is in the Book of Mormon is totally different than that which is in the Doctrine and Covenants. These DVDs will show you how to be free of ALL the controversies of the past and be able to be a happy participant in Christ’s plan for the Land of Joseph and the rest of the House of Israel. The Book of Mormon is true!  

I make NO PROFIT from these DVDs. In spite of the thousands of dollars for additional equipment and tremendous amounts of donated time and expertise by my friend to produce these professional quality DVDs, he has agreed to sell them as close to his cost as possible. We are committed to getting the truth out to you so the Lord’s work can proceed, as it should. (Again, I make no money from these DVDs!) Because he also believes in the truth and value of these sessions, he has agreed to my request that permission is granted to copy these DVDs. WE WANT YOU TO COPY THESE DVDS and give them to others who believe the Book of Mormon is true. However, if you copy them, PLEASE USE ONLY HIGH QUALITY DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT, AND COPY THEM IN THEIR ENTIRETY. This is necessary so everyone can read the words of the actual references and charts. TO CLEARLY UNDERSTAND what happened, what should have happened, what the Book of Mormon really says, the major errors that led us downhill, and what we must do, THESE DVDS MUST BE VIEWED IN SEQUENCE (1-14). PLEASE, do not skip sessions, or just copy selected parts.

These DVDs will be valuable to LDS, RLDS, Temple Lot, and Restoration groups who believe the Book of Mormon IS true - especially so for those who feel their Native American or Israelite heritage!


Dick Bauman, servant of Christ

May 15, 2001


INDIVIDUAL DVD SESSION TITLES (60 to 90 minutes each)

T-1 Introduction: The Holy Spirit Awakens Our feelings That Things Aren’t Right

T-2 Coming Forth Of The Book Of Mormon

T-3 The Original Revelations Given Thru The Stone July 1828 – June 1829 Part #1

T-4 The Original Revelations Given Thru The Stone July 1828 – June 1829 Part #2

T-5 The Pure Doctrine of Christ Is Found In The Book Of Mormon

T-6 The Fullness Of The Gospel Is Found In The book Of Mormon

T-7 The Plan Of Salvation Part # 1

T-8 The Plan Of Salvation Part # 2

T-9 The Plan Of Salvation Part # 3

T-10 The church of Christ found In The Book Of Mormon: church # 1

T-11 The church of Christ found In The Book Of Mormon: churches # 2 & # 3

T-12 Apostasy Begins April 6, 1830 Part # 1

T-13 Apostasy Begins April 6, 1830 Part # 2

T-14 Apostasy Begins April 6, 1830 Part # 3, Conclusion & Call To Christ’s Work

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